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Why Wellness Practice GPS?

If you’re a wellness professional who has the desire and motivation to grow your practice, but what you have already tried got you results that fall short of your vision, you’re on the exact right page right now. Wellness Practice GPS was created by a wellness practitioner like you, who developed systems, templates, and outlines that took her practice to huge levels of success. Imagine having someone who has done what you are trying to do, walking you through the journey with all the right maps, compasses, and navigation systems. Would you climb Mt. Everest without a Sherpa? Why not bring an expert guide on your journey?

Patti reviewing material with client

You Rock Wellness, But Your Business Doesn’t Reflect That… Need a Map?

  • You don’t need another certification
  • You don’t need to be giving stuff away
  • You need guidance, direction, and proven systems to get your practice on the map!

Imagine a map that would guide you to:

  • Pinpoint where you are missing the mark on client/patient attraction.
  • Discover why clients/patients fall off the map.
  • Get out of your own way when talking about what you do and how you do it.
  • Confidently talk about pricing without anyone (including you) getting uncomfortable.
  • Realize where you’re off course and get clear direction about next steps by the end of the call.
Compass and map
Compass and map

Imagine a map that would guide you to:

  • A full schedule packed with clients who are engaged in your programs and tell all their friends.
  • Confidence to charge what your worth and get it — without hesitation or feeling bad about it.
  • Become recognized as a reputable expert in your field.
  • Earn a healthy income while helping others get their health back.

What Clients Are Saying

Patti paid close attention to my challenges and needs…. From day one, Patti was a consummate professional.

The results … speak for themselves.

If you are a practice owner, device developer, medical entrepreneur, I unequivocally recommend Patti as the expert in the field. She’s somebody who can help you perfect your message, scale your outreach to your customer base, and she can absolutely help you achieve success with a virtual training platform.

Jason Waz
NeuPT Tech, Founder and CEO

I had interviewed several business coaches before deciding to work with Patti and I am so happy that I chose her! She understood the unique challenges we face in alternative health and had strategies to overcome them since experiencing many of them herself. Patti gave great perspective and encouragement which helped me to move forward in areas I was otherwise hesitant. I can’t wait until my next session!

Jennifer Bitting


Working with Patti has accelerated my confidence in making major adjustments in my practice. After the ‘money monster call’ I decided to increase my price and stop giving away consultations for free. Immediately the universe supported my affirmation of abundance and the new clients contacting me were in alignment with my ideal client. After my VIP day I gained greater clarity on my purpose with the direction of my healing center, and I am already implementing huge changes to support a thriving practice for practitioners, staff, and patients.

I am so excited to continue the coaching process and to see my dreams blossom with the loving support of Patti. Thank you so much for showing up. It is true that when the student is ready the teacher shows up! I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!

Aubrey Poglajen

Ananda Healing Center

I started Patti’s program only a few weeks ago. I have completed the Navigation session and the Catalyzing Consultations VIP Day. I implemented only a few of Patti’s tools from the toolbox she gave me which brought forth two new clients! I am excited to use everything that she has given me.

I had my third session with Patti yesterday and even though I’ve only used some of the tips she gave me, my outlook on my business growing is bright. In just a one hour session, she was able to lift my spirits, and give me a list of six items to start working on right away.

I’ve had advice given to me from others, and it always seems like the same old same old. Patti’s advice is logical, inspirational and mapped out for me so I do not feel overwhelmed.

If you are just starting your business or looking to grow your holistic business and are tired of the same old advice, I encourage you to sign up for Patti’s Wellness Practice GPS program. I only wish I had started Patti’s program a year ago!

Brenda M. Tobin-Flood

Cert.C.N., Wellness Matters

Coaching with Patti was a GREAT BIG LEAP forward. Just knowing that someone has been where I am at, and knowing that I can achieve the practice I want, gave me a huge boost of confidence and I was thoroughly inspired! I have the tools I need to move forward along with a strong step-by-step plan of action! I feel like Patti totally has my back and will hold me accountable and help me grow myself and my practice. Patti is totally amazing in ALL that she does!!!

DawnMarie Olson

CHN, Reiki Master

Having met and gone through some training programs with Patti, I already knew about her practice and her diverse educational and career background. Being at a crossroad of not quite ready to retire and having a few things I was not willing to let go of yet, I wanted that knowledge, success oriented and the work smarter, not harder ability Patti brings to the table.

Our thirty minute initial contact was amazingly productive. Patti was a wizard at letting me get all my personal and practice interests stated while still keeping our call on track. Within that process of listening, she was able to identify not only what sounded important to me, but what could bring me success. She essentially culled out what sounded like my passions vs. my interests. Next, she outlined some action plans that I could immediately address.

At the end of the call Patti recapped an outline of how we would go forward and then we reviewed what would work best for my goals and my style of working well for success. Last but not least, she forwarded the information she wanted me to look at within 24 hours. Pretty impressive for a 30 minute consult! Thank you Patti.

Denise Ellinger


During my time with Wellness Practice GPS I created a niche market, a feature program that serves this market, and a signature talk to promote the program. Patti immediately identified my patterns of movement in my business and was able to support me in navigating the areas where I commonly get “stuck,” providing me tools to keep the creativity flowing and my momentum moving forward.

Hiring Patti was money well spent — I emerged from the process with a clear understanding of how to be more productive in my business. The turn-key program I created can easily be converted to meet the needs of additional markets. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every new client. In fact, I no longer spend my days spinning my wheels and swirling in ideas that never materialize.

Thanks for a great experience Patti! I look forward to your future products and services.

Rebecca Aldag


I had my VIP Coaching (Wellness Practice GPS Coaching) session with Patti Bartsch today.

Wow! We covered a broad range of topics in 5 hours and it was pretty detailed… not just a general overview.

She was very well prepared — prior to our call she reviewed my website, the content, my FB and YouTube accounts, in addition to reviewing my forms. She gave kudos on the good stuff and made recommendations where she thought improvements could be made.

We covered several topics, including: sound business practices, scheduling and billing software, developing strategic partnerships, marketing strategies, and target groups to pursue. Patti helped me with a presentation outline that I had been working on that is certainly going to be more effective now, and a lot less effort.

Patti has provided me with clear and simple recommendations that I believe are going to be very beneficial to my operation. I think it is also important to mention that she tailored the coaching session to my needs and circumstance. It was not a boilerplate or cookie-cutter coaching plan.

It is very clear to me why Patti is having so much success in her practice — she is actually walking her talk!

I am new to the Health & Wellness field, at least from a business perspective. From my point of view her coaching and recommendations were as impactful as the Advanced Training. Now it’s up to me to put her recommendations into action. I wish I had this coaching prior to starting my operation —  I am sure it would have saved me a couple of stumbles and cash!

If you are just starting up a PEMF/Wellness operation, I recommend a coaching session with Patti. It’s easier to start out right than to change things later!

Thanks Patti for all your help!

Sean Mayer

Pulse for Health, LLC

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