About Dr. Patti Bartsch

Founder of Wellness Practice GPS & Naturally Unbridled Wellness

Dr. Patti Bartsch achieved quick and continued success in her wellness practice. After relocating to Wisconsin, she opened her practice and hit 6 figures in just her second year. She continued to grow and expand and was well into the high-6-figures not long after that. Most recently, she added a new therapy to her practice and hit 6-figures in just 9 months with that one therapy alone. She knows how to grow a wellness practice and she’s sharing her skills with others.

Following a career in the biotechnology industry, Patti entered a sales position as an Equine Nutritionist for a global feed manufacturer. She developed sales techniques that completely removed any pressure to buy and empowered the customer to make a decision based on the outcomes that could be realized. She later became a teacher and department head where she further developed her leadership and education skills. After years of success growing her wellness practice, Dr. Patti started mentoring colleagues in business skills and strategies that she developed and optimized in her practice. Over time, she created several online group programs along with customized success programs for many types of practitioners.

Her coaching clients consistently report earning back their investment in her coaching programs well before the programs are completed. She frequently gives presentations and workshops to wellness practitioners around the country. While she still runs a very busy wellness practice, she continues to take on a limited number of private coaching clients, speaking engagements, and online group coaching programs.

Please visit our programs page to learn more about coaching programs. If you would like to have Dr. Bartsch speak at your event, please email her team at support@wellnesspracticegps.com.

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