About Dr. Patti Bartsch

Founder of Wellness Practice GPS & Naturally Unbridled Wellness

Dr. Patti Bartsch is the leading expert in getting wellness devices and services fully booked and adding significant revenue to practices. She started her career in the biotechnology industry and progressed into animal nutrition and education before establishing her own wellness practice in Wisconsin. Her credentials in education and curriculum development contribute to the effective, high-quality coaching and training programs she provides.

After starting and growing a thriving holistic therapies practice in a state where she didn’t know a soul, Dr. Bartsch realized her strengths in business could help other practitioners achieve a higher level of success. In 2017, Dr. Bartsch founded Wellness Practice GPS, followed by the Wellness Practice Institute, with the goal of helping wellness practitioners leverage and monetizing wellness technology.

Dr. Bartsch is in the unique position of being able to test ideas in her own naturopathic practice, enabling her to create programs that have been fully implemented and optimized. In addition to self-paced coaching programs, Dr. Bartsch has developed training webinars and courses for a variety of wellness technology companies. She combines her knowledge of the wellness industry and top-notch education and training skills with her fun, charismatic teaching style to create valuable content that participants grasp and enjoy.

Dr. Bartsch’s coaching clients consistently report earning back their investment in her coaching programs before they even complete the training. While she still runs a busy wellness practice, Dr. Bartsch continues to take on a limited number of private coaching clients, speaking engagements, and program development contracts.

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