When you make the decision to invest in your practice — whether it’s in equipment/devices, staff, education, or coaching — you need to have a plan to earn a healthy return on investment. In order for it to be a sound investment, it should pay for itself at least 3 times a year — MINIMUM — including staff.

Things to consider when strategizing include:

  • How quickly have others been able to recoup their investment?
  • How can I do better than that?
  • What additional investment might be needed to support/expedite the ROI on this purchase?
  • What can/will I charge to earn the ROI?
  • What is my implementation plan?
  • What is my marketing strategy?
  • How should I structure packages and add-on services?
  • What resources are available to support my implementation plan and marketing strategy?
  • How will I perpetuate momentum so that I continue to earn income over and over again?
  • Once I have earned the ROI, what do I want this income stream to look like?

We recently purchased a $5,500 device and hit the ROI in just 19 days! By using my proven launch system to introduce the service to our clients and the community, we were able to inspire people to try it and to purchase multi-session packages. It only took us 9 months to earn our first $100,000 when we launched PEMF.

The “Ready? FIRE! Aim.” approach to launching a wellness device or service is not going to result in a lucrative ROI.

Take a Look Around Your Office

Do you have a device or service that hasn’t paid for itself many times over?

Do you have a device or service that was busy at one time and now it barely gets used?

Do you have a skill or technique that you love but you rarely get to implement it?

What would it take for that dusty device, service, or technique to become a lucrative income stream for you?

Over 90% of practitioners have at least one device or service that hasn’t paid for itself yet.

100% of dusty devices are not helping anyone to get well and are not generating any income.

Let’s Brainstorm!

I recently wrapped up a large coaching project designing an online certification program for a neuromuscular reeducation device and I have some time in my schedule to brainstorm with other practitioners about how you can create a lucrative income stream utilizing wellness services and/or technology in your office.

10-Day Window

Apply for a strategy session with me in the next 10 days. Even if you aren’t awarded one of the meeting times, I will give you my free report From Gadget Graveyard to Gadget Gangbusters: 5 Proven Tips to Expediting Your ROI and Creating Cash Flow with Wellness Technology.

Make the investment for two reasons: 1. You believe that your investment will help others achieve their wellness goals; 2. You believe the investment can create a lucrative income stream for your practice.

How can we make that happen? Let’s brainstorm! Click the button below to get started.

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