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Discover the areas in your practice that are holding you back. Learn how coaching can help you optimize the efficiency and profitability of your practice — apply for the free half-hour strategy session to see if you qualify.

6 Things Every Practitioner Needs to Know about PEMF

PEMF is the fastest growing and busiest service in my practice… for good reason. Learn the WHAT, WHY, & HOW about PEMF from industry experts.

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We broke 6-figures in just 9 months with our PEMF program. Want to know how we did it? Let’s talk. FREE WEBINAR and APPLICATION.

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You have a LOT invested in your PEMF system and you’re great at applying the therapy, but you’re struggling with how to promote your practice. You don’t know what to say or not say. You’re worried about the competition or that key influencers might feel that you’re taking business from them. Watch my FREE WEBINAR to learn my Equine PEMF Success Secrets!

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Imagine what it would be like to bust into 6-figures and mult-6-figures in your practice! What would that feel like? What are the mistakes that wellness practitioners make that has 70% of them closing their doors within 10 years? In my FREE WEBINAR, I’ll show you why most wellness practices fail and what you can do about it.

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Discover my proven methods of leveraging ZYTO technology for a thriving practice. How do you talk about ZYTO without sounding like a crazy person?  How do you get the best results from your ZYTO at live events? How do you explain the reports to clients without creating tons of questions? Start with my FREE WEBINAR and join me for my 4-month group coaching program for ZYTO practitioners.

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Dr. Patti recommends these online services to all her coaching clients. These are the same services Dr. Patti uses in her business to increase productivity and optimize customer service.

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