Pulse Platinum Success Starter Kit

Price: 3 payments of $365 / Month

Pulse Platinum Success Starter Kit

“Following Patti’s Pulse Platinum Success System, I went from $0 to $8,000 in my first month! This system works!”

Timothy Lusk, LMT

Here’s what’s included in the Pulse Platinum Success Starter Kit:

  • Brand-as-your-own templates, scripts, handouts, checklists, trackers, videos, and emails
  • The Irresistible Introductory Offer video training and guidebook to generate momentum, educate, and inspire people to enroll in multi-session packages
  • Exactly how you and your staff can have comfortable cash conversations so you can confidently invite people to enroll in packages without feeling salesy
  • My complete client/patient orientation program including videos, handouts, trackers, and a package enrollment script
  • My 1-2-3-enroll introductory offer and how to keep bringing people through a branded experience one after another with proven success
  • Lifetime access to the content
  • Your staff is welcome to (and should) go through the training too so that everyone on your team has a clear vision and is fully engaged in getting your PEMF devices fully booked and adding significant revenue to your practice
  • BONUS: 1 personal, structured coaching call with Dr. Patti Bartsch

“…over 300 sessions per month after only 5 months.”

Sean Mayer

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The content in this training course is the intellectual property of Wellness Practice GPS and its affiliates and may not be shared or distributed in any way without the expressed written consent of Wellness Practice GPS.

Thank you for reading the non-disclosure agreement.

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